exclusive support!

We believe that providing the right communication and management tools is a priority. And, as the success of our business relies on the success of all parties in the chain, we have developed sophisticated tools that allow our employees, customers and suppliers to combine an excellent relationship alongside performance.



Doyen's extranet is a unique, high-performance and proactive portal that provides access to all the information and support required:  invoices, delivery notes, dispatch notes, monitoring, warranties, etc.


Technical assistance

To help our partners anticipate market trends and remain competitive, we offer an exclusive and particularly efficient technical support system, which includes: a technical hotline, an on-line workshop, diagnostic tools and assistance for repairs, training modules and evening events on specific technical issues; these are all tools that help partners keep up to date and improve their skills, while further enhancing their professionalism.



To support our partners and customers, we supply a range of services and marketing materials: sales-promotion activities, in-depth information on product ranges and suppliers, pricing, market research and data, stock recommendations as well as support for the organisation of fairs or events.